View from the terrace of the family's Brooklyn Heights apartment

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coney Island

Through the arcades
past whistling peanuts
       cheering pinwheels
       slick poker parlors
the crowd rushes and reels
into the glare of Surf Avenue
Exuberant balloons take Julie and Jack
       to frozen custards and bumper cars
splendiferous spinnings above the maze
       through dizzy onion-smelling crowds
       spook-ride cackle, rootbeer roar
rings and balls and plastic stars
Mama remembers Steeplechase
caterpillar ride, whirring horse
       cotton candy in her face
       the tunes, the dance at Oceantide
and what Frankie finally had
with his sea girl in the shade
       Unlovely passage
child’s, man’s, mother’s 
harmless hot-dog dream
       miles of boardwalk and wide white beach
       popcorn clouds piled each on each
garlic humor, golden key
and the slightly polluted eternal sea.

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