View from the terrace of the family's Brooklyn Heights apartment

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A fat aunt sidesaddle 
in neon slacks 
licks a pistachio custard
(now a grinning tiger)
while the calliope groans
for a circus of charged-up kids
who drop crackerjacks
and reach for rings of gold
(again the grinning tiger)
as a little blond boy in blue 
grasps the brass pole
of his swooping steed
eyes shut in white fear
(again the grinning tiger)
and chariots drawn by plyboard swans
carry tots too small
to ride on wooden chargers
(once again the grinning tiger)
the cymbals
the hawk of the barker
the dizzy delight
(and even the grinning tiger)
with a resonant clang 
all of a sudden--cease.

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  1. I recall a poem in German similar to this that mentions a recurring white elephant, I believe.


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